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Choice Kitchen is thrilled to collaborate with Associated Services to bring our expertise, technology, and chef-made meals to your employees - minus the worry or the fuss of traditional business catering.

Pictured: Derby Cobb Salad

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During the pandemic, most companies have restricted deliveries from outside vendors. Associated Services, your authorized refreshment service, has collaborated with Choice Kitchen to provide an exciting NEW lunch solution. Fresh, individually packaged meals now delivered by Associated. Choice Kitchen is your ideal lunch solution because:

Choice Kitch Derby Salad
Choice Kitchen - Salmon Salad
Choice Kitchen - Smoked Gouda
Choice Kitchen - Ham Salmami Sub Sandwich
Choice Kitchen - Shrimp Ceviche

We can accommodate your company’s payment preference. The system is customizable for an employer-pay model, an employee-pay model, or a hybrid of both for a subsidized lunch program.

Meals are individually packaged and labeled for each employee. There is no additional outside delivery service. Meals are delivered by Associated Services.

Say goodbye to coordinating lunch or placing orders for the “group.” Employees can order what they want, at their convenience, in just a few taps with Choice Kitchen’s simple online ordering platform.

Choice Kitchen - mask
Choice Kitchen - devices
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Simple. Employees can order their meals with our easy-to-use ordering platform. Eliminate the need for someone to organize and manage employee lunch orders.

Control. Employees can filter the menu to show only the entrées that meet their dietary preferences and food allergies. Items that don’t meet their requirements will not appear on their menu.

Convenient. Eliminate the challenges of “going out to grab lunch.” Reduce the frustration of deciding on a place to eat, waiting for your food during the lunch rush, not to mention waiting to access the elevator. Forget it if you accidentally leave your mask back at the office.

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Choice Kitchen  - Tofu Stir Fry Bowl

Tofu Stir Fry Bowl


Practical. Our meals are individually packaged and labeled for each employee, reducing the exposure to COVID-19 compared to buffet-style lunch programs. Plus, we source compostable or 100% post-consumer recyclable packaging to help reduce the environmental footprint.

Variety. We put the “Choice” in Choice Kitchen. Our in-house chefs craft recipes to create culinary experiences for a variety of flavor palates. Our on-staff registered dietitian reviews and approves every ingredient and recipe. She curates each menu with diverse dietary needs in mind, like gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. 

Quality. We use whole, fresh ingredients sourced responsibly from trusted partners. We avoid anything artificial or processed, especially high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

Choice Kitchen - Asian Chicken Salad

Asian Chicken Salad

Bowls and Plates

California Roll Cauliflower Rice Bowl 


Ensenada Beach Shrimp Ceviche 

Indian Spiced Chickpea Bowl   

Roasted Veggie Quinoa Bowl   

Shrimp & Smoked Gouda Pasta Salad 

Smoked Salmon Dip and Crackers  

Tofu Stir Fry Bowl   

Tzatziki, Hummus and Pita Chip Plate 

Vegan Ceviche   

Sandwiches & Wraps

Chicken Asian Lettuce Wraps 

Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich 

Club Sandwich 

Crab, Mango & Avocado Wrap 

Ham, Salami & Prosciutto Sandwich 

Mediterranean Wrap 

Pork Banh Mi Sandwich

Roast Beef Sandwich 

Salmon Niçoise Wrap 

Smoky Tempeh Avocado Wrap 

Southwest Chicken Wrap 

Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich 

Tofu Satay Salad 

Tuna Salad Sandwich 

Veggie and Hummus Sandwich 


Asian Chicken Salad 

Caprese Salad   

Chicken Caesar Salad 

Derby Cobb Salad  

Italian Capellini Lemon Salad

Mexicali Salad  

Salmon Spinach Salad with 
Housemade Balsamic Dressing  

Traditional Greek Salad  



We’ve been preparing meals for Californians since 1972. It’s exciting to see how our small family business has flourished from a mom and pop catering company in Danville, CA to where we are today. Over the last forty years, we’ve successfully opened four kitchens across California, partnered with over 300 schools, and prepared over 20,000 lunches daily.* 

Despite the pandemic, we continue to do what we do best - provide healthy and delicious meals, deliver convenience, and make it all happen in a way that’s easy and stress-free for our customers. Associated makes this more accessible than ever by expanding their services to include meals from Choice Kitchen.

*Choice Kitchen is an affiliate of Choicelunch.


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